This campus is beautifully located in the outskirts of Lahore with an ambient connection to the highway and the city. It has a huge and mammoth land area so we can initiate multiple interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs here. In addition, this campus located away from the city is perfect for scientific research activities. We have constructed new medical and departmental buildings and we are on the way to initiate the construction of modern and well equipped labs here. Moreover, we have tried to make it cooler and greener by planting 10,000 tress here.Engineering has traditionally been a major driver of technological innovation, which has been a key to global progress and prosperity. Indeed, much of the talent behind Pakistan’s development and progress came from establishment and institutionalization of engineering disciplines in the country’s universities. 

Being the campus coordinator of the campus of an esteemed engineering university, I am oriented towards providing engineering focused environment along-with nurturing the creative minds of the students through their abilities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                PROF. DR. TANVEER IQBAL